Monday, October 03, 2005

Fighting Gang Activity in San Diego County

San Diego Deputy District Attorney Terri Perez and the San Diego Sheriff's Department are doing a great job in empowering the Vista community as well as combating gang violence. Recently, Perez won a court injunction which prohibits gang members from gathering in certain areas. To view Fox News footage of this injunction, click here.

It would be nice if the County of San Diego could obtain a countywide permanent court ordered injunction prohibiting gang members from gathering in a public place such as schools, parks, shopping malls, stadiums, theaters, etc. Interestingly, some argue that gang members have rights that we must not infringe upon. It would be nice if law abiding citizen’s rights would supersede that of the criminal elements that are destroying neighborhoods.

Last year, San Diego Police obtained a similar injunction targeting the Skyline area. The problem with the Skyline injunction is that it only prohibited gang activity within their own neighborhood. This resulted in the gang members relocating to other areas of San Diego such as the Mission Valley area. Shortly after this injunction, there were several gang shootings involving the Skyline gang in the Mission Valley area.

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