Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Business Tip: Avoid Advertising With Yellowbook

As many business owners know, Yellowbook is a very aggressive marketer of Internet and Yellow Pages advertising. My recent experience with Yellowbook has shown that it is an unethical company with sloppy business practices and dishonest employees.

After a very unsuccessful stint with Yellowbook, I notified them of my desire to cancel the advertising contract for future publications. Verbal notification was not enough for them, so I faxed in a notice of cancellation and also hand delivered a written notice to my sales representative on a form prepared by a Yellowbook employee. When I called to dispute the balance on my account, I have been given various excuses that included (1) wrong method of cancellation (false); (2) no record of cancellation (false); (3) the employee who took the cancellation no longer works there (false); and (4) I didn't cancel in time (unverified).

I have repeatedly asked for a copy of my contract and proof that my advertisement was included in the 2008 edition of Yellowbook. Despite numerous promises to do this, I have not been provided with either item.

Avoid advertising with Yellowbook at all costs or you will be severely disappointed. In my case, the revenue generated did not even cover the cost of the advertisement.

About the Author: Carl H. Starrett II has been a licensed attorney since 1993 and is a member in good standing with the California State Bar and the San Diego County Bar Association. Mr. Starrett practices in the areas of bankruptcy, business litigation, construction, corporate planning and debt collection.


Anonymous said...

I agree completely. They are at best incompetent. About 6 years ago an attorney that I know had a deal with Yellow Book where he paid for a full page ad, and they gave him 2 extra half-page ads at no extra cost. He and I worked out a deal in which I paid him $300 per month for one of his half-page ads. We told Yellow Book what we were doing, because there was a danger that they would have listed his phone number instead of mine if we hadn't explained it to them. That arrangement lasted for about 2 years, and then we went our separate ways.
This year I decided to run 2 Yellow Book ads of my own. One was for my bankruptcy practice, and the other had to do with defending against bogus credit card lawsuits and taking actions against abusive debt collectors. Mine was going to be the only ad in the book covering such a topic, and I was looking forward to getting a leg up on this up-and-coming area of practice. I spent a lot of time setting up the ad and deciding how to attract my target audience. There was even a picture of the Yellow Book salesman and me on page 1 of a the local daily business newspaper. Here's a link to that article and photo:
That was in November, and the new book was supposed to come out in March or April. I never heard another word from them, and it was only after the new book came out that I discovered that neither ad had been placed. When I called to complain, they claimed to have agonized over the decision, but that they had decided not to place my ad because the guy that I had shared ad space with all those years ago had defaulted on his account.
There are three major problems with that explanation. First, the alleged default happened years after my association with that ad ended. Second, Yellow Book is already running an ad from that guy in this year's book. Third, according to my friend, he never did default on that account. He mailed in a payment for roughly $4,000, and they misplaced his check for a few months. They finally found it, and they credited it to his account, but then they tried to charge him penalty and interest on the payments that he "missed" while they were looking for the check that they had lost, and there was still some lingering issues about that.
So none of what they are saying makes any sense. I threatened to sue them, but I know how hard it is to prove damages in a case like this. Maybe some day.

Suzanne Livingston said...

I couldn't agree more, although I do not believe these issues are solely with YellowBook.

We had similar issues with SuperPages and getting that (worthless) ad cancelled. On top of that, we were on a 12-month contract (supposedly). But when I received bill #13 I called to complain. They explained that it was being cancelled but for some reason or another, they "extended" the original contract by one month. When I got bill #14, I called again to complain and learned that the "new" directory (replacing the one my ad was in) was delayed in printing/production, and that they have the right to keep charging me for every month that the directory our ad appeared in was "current." So, yes, they actually get paid MORE money for doing LESS work. Unbelievable.

And I have had nothing but trouble with the online YellowPages listings. I actually would pay for the premium online listings, but it takes an act of Congress just to get them to put one of the free, basic listings in the correct category, without typos in the address. How can I possibly have any assurances that an ad I pay good money for will be correct?

So frustrating.

Unknown said...

You are correct in saying that it's not just Yellow Book. A couple of years ago I signed up to run an online ad with "the Real Yellow Pages." It was a 1-year contract, with monthly payments of around $100. By the 9th month I had not received the first nibble. When I called to cancel they said that with the cancellation penalty it would be cheaper to just let the year run out, sot that's what I did, but I made it clear that I was not renewing and that I would not pay for anything after the 12th month.
A few weeks later I received an email from Yellow Pages thanking me for renewing my subscription, and trying to sell more services to me. I called again, and they apologized for the error, and told me that it was fixed. Another month or so later I received a letter from Yellow pages acknowledging my new subscription. This time I wrote them a very stern letter repeating the above history and threatening to sue them if they even tried to charge me for anything.
When the 13th month rolled around I noticed that they were trying to draft the monthly payment from my bank account. I called and quite sarcastically thanked someone for giving me the right to sue them. I soon received a letter of apology, and as consolation an offer to run my listing in the paper phone book's business section for free. So for the past 2 or 3 years my name and phone number have been in the business section of the local Yellow Pages, and I haven't paid them a penny. Every now and then they send some sort of contract that they want me to sign, acknowledging my cancellation of their service. Since there is obviously no point in trying to communicate with them I simply ignore those requests.
Oh, and don't even get me started on how much money XO (my office telephone service provider) cost me by repeatedly misspelling my last name in every local phone book, despite several corrections. They would correct the spelling, and then somehow the misspelled version would creep back in, time after time.
Again, all of these telcoms are incompetent at best, and some are just beneath contempt.

Anonymous said...

Just to add to the list of horrible advertising company's- city search! When their pay-per-click product failed to produce any calls, we switched over to a pay-per-call program. Well, after several months we discover they've started charging us a minimum monthly fee- something we never ever agreed to. And of course after we cancel they claim we owe them more- even though they should be refunding us money (and yes, still never a verified call from that source)

Anonymous said...

None of these comments except for the original have anything to do with Yellowbook. Unfortunately there are many other "yellow page" companies out there that send bogus bills and tell you that your already an advertiser.

The problem is the "yellow pages" logo is not trademarked so any company can use the logo and consumers get confused about it.

This is why Yellowbook has completely changed their logo to a trademarked logo to prevent confusion.

Also, with yellowbook there is no way your contract would ever get automatically renewed after your initial 12 month contract unless there was a new signature to do so.

This is why Yellowbook sends out a rep every year to get a new contract and to try to upsell you.

With over 5000 sales reps nationwide it's obvious that there may be a bad egg. Yellowbook has a claim system that will credit back previous charges if they are at fault.

The sales rep has to come out and get a signature either in person or via fax machine on the actual contract in order to cancel out the contract and even then it won't be cancelled until your previous 12 month contract has been satisfied.

Also, if your name appears in any of the ads in the book and the bills are not paid or they go to collections, yellowbook reserves the right to deny advertising to any of the business names involved with the ads.

For example, if a dominos pizza has an agreement that 4 stores are pitching in on one big ad or 3 separate ads and the bills do not get paid, all phone numbers and contact names involved with the account will require payoff of previous debt to advertise.

Otherwise the only way to get into the book for the new year without paying previous debts is to pay for the entire year of advertising up front.

Any questions... reply back, i'll try to check back in.

Carl Starrett said...

My former Yellowbook was a friend from high school that quit because it was a horrible company to work for and she confirms my opinion regarding the business ethics of the company.

I canceled my contract in writing before the 2008 directory was published. I even mistakenly made 2 payments on the bill for the 2008 directory. I have been demanding proof of publication since before I originally wrote this article and I am STILL waiting.

Even if I hadn't properly canceled, I do not intend to pay for a service that wasn't provided.

Anonymous said...

You guys are lawyers. Can’t you sue Yellow Book when they screw up as badly as they do?

I’d like to! They sent me a proof to approve for an upcoming book. It was so badly made I phoned and requested time with the artist to make sure I got what I wanted. And for 10th time I insisted “I do NOT want your damn tracking number in place of MY number”. So I got to tele-conference with an artist, saw my ad re-created on a screen while we talked, and I signed an approval of THAT artwork. And for the 11th time insisted “NO damn tracking number”. But after all that effort, and repeating again and again the importance that my ad say exactly what I want and have MY number in it, still they published the wrong ad. I’ve filed a dispute with their “dispute investigations” department, and they have offered to reduce my payment by 20%. I replied, “No, it’s a total screwup, not a partial one. I don’t think I should pay for an ad that I expressly rejected”. The counter-argument was “But what you got is functional. The number does connect to your business, and we got the name of your company right”.

To me, this “functional” argument is pretty lame. If I signed for a new sports car and they delivered a rusted old Ford Pinto, then the car reseller could say with the same persuasive force, “Well, it’s functional! It’s got wheels, the motor runs, it drives!” But so what? It’s not what I agreed to pay for, and saying “it’s about 80 percent similar to what you agreed to pay for” doesn’t excuse that they dropped the ball and ignored all my efforts to get the ad I wanted. I don’t know if there will be a loss of revenue over the next year from this blunder, but I do fully expect that my projections for my company’s growth can all be scrapped due to it. I’m almost entirely dependent on phone book ads for drawing business, and it’s number recognition that keeps me in people’s wobbly memories, not name recognition. Their tracking number is totally non-memorable. (And it’s worse than just the number, the description of our business and what we do is all wrong too).

I would never have thought I wanted any big corp to be a monopoly. But this has made me think twice. ATT is expensive, but they’re competent where Yellow Book is incompetent beyond belief. And their customer service is appalling. There are too many phone books; any metro could do with just a few, if that many. So Yellow Book’s existence adds no advantage for advertisers or for the public either. I do make money from advertising with them though (though ONLY on those times that they get my ad right and not "partially" right), so it could mean taking a big hit regarding $$$ if I stop using them. But I do it only because they exist. If they didn't, then I’d have that one less bill to pay, and that one less company, so awful at customer service, to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Yellowbook treats their employees as badly and with as much arrogance and cotempt as it does their customers. Their predominant attitude is "You need us more than we need you." The accounts payable employees are paid based on how much outstanding debt they collect; they have absolutely no interest in researching the account to confirm if indeed the outstanding balance is valid. There are many, many cases where a client's check has been lost or the billing department failed to log a credit card payment. After many attempts by the client (and sometimes a conscientious rep) to prove their case, they will continue to insist the money is owed. In the few instances they have relented & credited the accounts, they adamantly insist on charging exorbitant late & billing fees.

In response to Mike's L's comment-quote: "Also, with yellowbook there is no way your contract would ever get automatically renewed after your initial 12 month contract unless there was a new signature to do so." End Quote.
This is false - all of Yellowbook's online premier ads: Net Gold, Net Silver, Banners, Top Placement, Videos, Web Reach- automatically renew after the initial contract period, the client is not contacted nor is there a new contract signed - even if there is a price increase, Yellowbook has substantially increased their online products over the past two years. Buyers Beware, ask a lot of questions and insist on signing new contracts for all online as well as print advertising. Look at the contract you sign very carefully, especially where the contract number is located (right above the directory name) do not sign it if the "auto renew" box is marked. Be sure to keep a copy of the contract as well as the copy sheet, and never, never sign a blank copy sheet, NEVER - this allows the rep & Yellowbook to create your ad however they want. Also, if your copy of the contract and copy sheet is illegible, insist on making copies of the original.

One More thing, do not sign up for any advertising program from Yellowbook phone solicitors that tell you they are working with your local rep or calling on their behalf. This is another example of Yellowbook greed, and will leave you open to yet more account mismanagement.

Anonymous said...

Yellow Book reps, and management are the lowest form of sales people that walk the earth. I have more respect for Kirby vaccume cleaner salesmen than I do for anything at Yellow Book. If you ever had to pick up your dogs poop in the yard you had a far more respectable job than working at Yellow Book!

Anonymous said...

At YellowBook, the internet product renewal is indeed automatic, unlike the print portion... at the moment.

Anonymous said...

As a former employee of Yellow Book, AKA Yellow Crook, I would advise many people to be skeptical of their sales practices. The previous poster is correct, all net products will automatically renew. Do not sign any contract with auto renew checked off. However, if you complain enough to their customer service they will cancel your online program prior to the initial 12 months.

As for the poster who had the wrong ads, if they misprint your phone number and you did not sign off on the tracking number release you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY A DIME! They can not track your calls on an RCF number without your written consent. Refuse to pay your bill and write a letter threatening legal action. This will get you a 100% credit.

Not all YB employees are scum. Many go to work there with good intentions and then leave when they realize how the slime balls like McCuster (VP of Sales) and the rest of the good ol boys in upper management treat their employees. Not to mention their "Core Values" of "Think long term, act with integrity"...should read more like "Do what ever you can to screw the customer and charge back the rep so we keep all the money".

You think their print and is bad, wait until you get roped into their WebReach program (Search Marketing) where they upcharge 40% on search marketing on Google and Yahoo. You pay $1000/mo for search marketing and they give you maybe $600 worth of click throughs to your site. But "We Got People" is what they say...we are the largest adword certified reseller of google in the world...yeah...any 5 yr old can pass the certification they give their reps. I am surprised Google and Yahoo want to be associated with this group of idiots.

Should be an interesting ride for them this year. With their major market revenues down upward of 30%, laying off half their sales staff and the ones that survived the cut being told they are going to take a pay cut, should be real interesting to watch their revenues and books fall into an even bigger gutter.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree on scumbag organization. I kept getting berating calls about my bill being not paid. I told them that I pay my bills online. They told me that I can't do that with YellowBook. WHAT? An online ad company does not take online payments? I Authorized an over the phone payment for our outstanding bill, $133.00 US from the corporate account, and now every month, they are ACH taking money from us without Authorization.

We will not use this inept advertising agency again.

AND if they auto renew as other posters have reported, we will seek legal recourse and investigate class action lawsuit viability. This is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

I previously worked for this horrible company! Stay Away! They do autorenew online products! This company is a big fraud chain! No one stays more than 6 months and the entire management team are skilled con artists. The goal is to get a sale, not make a program to suit the customer, but get the damn sale. Say whatever you need to. I quit because they started charging the sales reps for past customers not paying their bill. Management is sleeping with other management and they have no morals! Their Core Values is a big joke!

Anonymous said...

To the most recent anonymous poster: no, they're not CHARGING sales reps for past customers not paying their bills...they're taking away your commission. If a customer buys an ad that's $400/mo and doesn't pay a dime, it does not make sense -- financial or otherwise -- to let you walk away with an incentive on that.

Anonymous said...

The last post must be from YB management, you should be ashamed of yourself for defending the unethical, greedy organization you work for. How do you sleep at night? Yellowbook's moto of "Underpromise & Overdeliver" is a sad joke which would be laughable if it didn't leave so many victims in its wake. The way you conduct business and treat your employees is criminal. Your moto should more accurately be "Use and Abuse" or "Burn & Turn". I have zero doubt these practices will earn you continued law suits from clients and employees.

I have had several clients call me after I left YB for assistance; most of the issues have had to do with billing, and of course their non-existent customer service. My response to all of them is that I will be their star witness should they wish to litigate.

Know this, YB management, the Law of Reciprocity is knocking on your door to collect and you will receive no better than what you gave. How many branches have you lost? How many more are scheduled to close? How many advertisers refuse to ever do business with you? How many decent, hard working employees have you mistreated and burned? KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, I think it's for you...its PAYBACK TIME!!

Anonymous said...

How did yo sue them? I think I should have! I have heard of other former employees doing so. I didn't keep accurate data on the misconduct. All sales reps in the office where givenrevenue from another market to help increase theresales except myself an anotherrep in the office. They where also given revenue to go into the next market and make bonuses unavailable to me. I still sold and increased m sales but it made me look bad and was used against me. They manage by gossip and picking out a few sales people who someone thinks will become a super star. The seattle Sales office was a bust. There was one employee who was the only one who ever got a cake for his birthday he's still there and is always in the mangers office. He lets every one know he's the greatest But I found him to be rude an nasty. He has all the answers and communicates to the management about other people behind there backs.If they called you a ROCK STAR BARF In sincerity all the WAY!

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to get into the horrow show that was our Yellowbook WebReach program. Bottom line, if you are looking to advertise with Yellowbook STOP! DO NOT ADVERTISE WITH THEM IN ANY FORMAT. Overpriced, uninformed and totally inept = Yellowbook

Anonymous said...

This year they Delivered a alot smaller book in my area(without notice) and charged alot more think the turnaround was like 60% Imagine a cc company doing that? Kinda seems like fraud... Where are all the class action attorney's on this one?

Best Expressions said...

I just received my yellow book today and the put my competitors phone number in my listing!!! Any suggestions on how I procede? I left a message on the answering service at the local office but I'm wondering if I should speak with an attorney. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Susan said...

I asked my salesrep to cancel for 2010 and she told me to wait until October. In August I contacted her and 'Oops, too late; the book has gone to print'.

I had auto pay and didn't realize my payment is delinquent. Does anyone know what happens if it goes to collections for my corporation what will happen to my personal credit?

shawn said...

i have had the same experience. yellow book lies to you about how many calls you will receive. it seems they only have two department sales and collections. who needs customer service or accurate data?
the good news is the yellow book isn't read anymore i cant wait until they close up shop.

Unknown said...

To "Anonymous" who offered to be "star witness', please call me at 330 501-6535.

YB has sued me, personally, for the unpaid/outstanding balance due from a I contract I signed while employed by a company that failed. The clincher is, I was released by the company in Feb 2005, at least 1 year before they failed, their suit is based on amounts past due from Oct 2006 and the first time I learned of the matter was when I started getting calls from a collections law firm...sometime in late 2007. SO, I never 'personally' received an invoice or had the opportunity to consider paying a bill or deciding to renew or cancel the contract. Would love to have an insider on my side.

Dan in Ohio

Anonymous said...

I am wondering why there have been no class action lawsuits made by employees against Yellowbook?? If their sales reps are pushy and underhanded it is probably out of self preservation. I worked for Yellowbook in a small market area where there really was almost nowhere else to work, especially if you didn't speak spanish. The few jobs that were available paid minimum wage. Therefore I ended up as a Yellowbook rep. The manager at my office was vicious. The team of reps lived in fear of our phones beeping with a new text message since there was usually at LEAST 15-20 sent out by her each day bullying, pushing, and nagging us. She would hold hours and hours of meetings telling us why we suck. She would falsify our numbers in order to berate us. She threw phonebooks on the floor and walked past them as she demanded that a rep, who wasd in tears, pick them up. I would get calls from her at 8 or 9 pm about work. I HAVE AN EMAIL FROM HER SAVED that has her informing us that we are required to be at "call parties" from 7:30 am to 9:00am and then AGAIN at 4:30 to 6:00pm AND be in on Saturday from 9:00am to 12:00pm AND that night must be at the office from 5pm to 7pm... There were many nights that we were not allowed to go home and eat dinner because we hadn't set the SIX new appointments that day that she demanded (if you set 6 appointments a day for 5 days then you have 30 appointments the following week and only 40 hours in the week AND you will still have to set 30 new appointments while running the 30 you have booked...) its was physically and mentally exhausting and sickening. I am not the only rep that went through it either. So any attorneys out there that would like to go after that kind of a case email me at I have contact info of several of other reps who experienced this. Many of us and many before us went to HR and were completely ignored.

Anonymous said...

Yellow Crook is a well deserved name for Yellow Book. Their errors in advertising adversely affected my business volume and reputation. I won a small judgment against them in court, which they and their lawyer have ignored and never paid.

I agree with the volume of comments about the lack of basic integrity and business responsibility of this horrible company. NEVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH YELLOW BOOK!

Caren M said...

I worked for Yellowbook and it was/is nights, weekends calling contractors with numbers on the side of their trucks. The company condones pushing their salespeople to get the sale. There is not time enough for follow up. Often times, I worked with representatives who forged signatures and stole checks from customers. I am in a vacation time dispute because my sales assistant was docking sales people that she didn't like. If you said something to management or was a whistle blower to other salespeople's crimes, they would fire you. Don't advertise with them. The stats are even doctored up.

Anonymous said...

I currently owe the Yellow pages over $15,000.00 in past due and accelerated advertising fees. My company is an LLC Corporation, can the Yellow Pages sue me personally?
My company has no assets that the Yellow Pages can take so getting a judgement on my company would be a waste of time and effort for the Yellow Pages to pursue.

Anonymous said...

The representative called before renew. I signed ONE contract. The rep. called back and said I should also be in the two other local books. I explained that we could not afford them. He offered to be able to add the other books for no additional charge. He sent over what he claimed was a change order. Unknown to me it was a NEW order. Then he offered a $495 a year deal on internet advertising. He them sent over the third contract. Again, he explained, it’s just the way we do it. It is not a new contract it is a change order. After receiving the first bill I knew something was wrong. They would NOT call of talk with me. They came back three years later and sued ME AND MY COMPANY. The judge basically said “so sorry” you signed them you owe them $35,000.00 at 18% interest as well. They won!!!
On the stand the representative from Yellow Book, when asked about how many he does, laughed and said we have over 300 cases in Texas alone and the average is $60,000.00!!!
Fraud is all I can say about this company.

Anonymous said...

The representative called before renew. I signed ONE contract. The rep. called back and said I should also be in the two other local books. I explained that we could not afford them. He offered to be able to add the other books for no additional charge. He sent over what he claimed was a change order. Unknown to me it was a NEW order. Then he offered a $495 a year deal on internet advertising. He them sent over the third contract. Again, he explained, it’s just the way we do it. It is not a new contract it is a change order. After receiving the first bill I knew something was wrong. They would NOT call of talk with me. They came back three years later and sued ME AND MY COMPANY. The judge basically said “so sorry” you signed them you owe them $35,000.00 at 18% interest as well. They won!!!
On the stand the representative from Yellow Book, when asked about how many he does, laughed and said we have over 300 cases in Texas alone and the average is $60,000.00!!!
Fraud is all I can say about this company.

Anonymous said...

I have a complaint: Yellowbook:posted a tracking phone number that never worked. Meaning that when customers called my RCF phone number, the phone message is that "this number is disconnected."

They have been billing me and I have been paying for the advertising for over 18 months. I hate that I have my competition on the same page as I am, and then I have to have a bogus phone number. But to my horror the tracking phone number doesn't work. People were asking me when I went out of business. Here I advertise and it is destroying my business. I requested a refund and was told that the contract wasn't supposed to renew for the online adverting, it was a customer service mistake. The online advertising is listed on my contract. Something is wrong - here to not honor their contract.

Anonymous said...

I'm at yellowbook 10 years now and the management that I work under has been nothing short of wonderful. We do things the right way and think long term for our clients. I have hundreds of clients that love the ROI they get from us as well as the relationship they have with me. I'll admit there are some bad seeds sometimes......but they get weeded out eventually. The reps that are here because its a career really do care about what they do and the long term success of their clients. It's the rep that is here just because it is a "job" that give us a bad rap. It's no different in any other industry.

moving on said...

I run a seasonal business that advertises in Yellowbook. They can't get it through their wooden heads at yellowbook that in the winter, THERE IS NO MONEY ! I just got threatened to get sent to collections today. My season is just starting up right now. They won't even give me the name of my local sales rep so I can make a complaint. I told them today that I'm dropping them. When the money starts coming in, it will go somewhere else useful. My wife and I are getting sick and tired of the CONSTANT phone calls; sometimes two times a day.

Yellowbook scam said...

Yellowbook is an on going scam which is cheating and deceiving customer on national scale .

visit us on Facebook and lets build our selves a community large enough to make a stop to this company.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen so many negative comments about a company that doesn't turn out to be true. The YB employee that posted the feedback that everyone is incorrect is funny because he would not have found this post unless he was looking for negative feedback. So they changed their name to HIbu? It won't help! They are horrific!!!!

Anonymous said...

The best thing to do with yellow crook is to call for an appointment, sending them way out to never never land and laugh when they call saying "where are you".
I have done this several times and it keep getting funnier every time. I have even had times were we meet at restraunt, eat lunch, have them pick up the tab, and say " Suckers".
I'll tell you, if you want to have some fun or get back at yellow crook, just make them work work work for nothing. If you don't sign a contract, there is nothing they can do to stop your enjoyment of watching their face drop when they just treated you to lunch.

Bernice Townsend said...

Yellowbook caused loss of revenue by posting incorrect phone numbers for my business in my ad that I paid for and removing necessary logos for my business. I gave proof to my sales rep so I could get credit and he lied and said he never received anything from me. I would like to know if any business owner or any one reading this blog has the series of 2008 Yellowbooks? I may just offer a bounty for someone who does. Please post info if you do. Thanks

Unknown said...

I was folled too, bu the nice local guy approach. My goal was ppc advertising, he told me my competition was spending 2000 on google, I later learned it was 200, YP wont even talk to me about improving , but they keep running my ad, saying somewhere in the small print, go to a website that mentions the annual contract. I was ready to start with another, since then several have contacted me. The terms are one the one and only contract page in plain english. Also the are no where near the results they promise. The Atlanta office handles this office and has over 1000 complaints in 3 years. Why is there not a class action suit?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this article is 8 years old and still getting views! I can't believe this company is still in business.
We are ending our 6 month PPC contract with them. It's been one of the worst experiences we've had. In 6 months time, their ad campaign has generated 0 ROI! We've gotten 20 calls to our business, sometimes going weeks without a call. Out of those 20 calls, 3 were decent. The rest were either missed calls, weekend/dropped calls or calls for something we do not do. There is a reason they don't allow comments on their website, Google page or FB page. They SUCK! It was a big waste of time and an even bigger waste of money.