Monday, May 22, 2006

Sheriff Kolender Denies Rumors of Appointing Bill Gore After Election

Sheriff William Kolender denies rumors relating to allegations in which many have asserted that he is planning on running for reelection only to shortly thereafter have his Assistant Undersheriff Bill Gore appointed as the new Sheriff by the Board of Supervisors. Many argue that this usurp the election process.

Insiders say that Kolender is battling Alzheimer's, and is not medically fit to serve another term.Other rumors include the fact that David Bejarano left his position with the Federal Marshal's Office intending on seeking election as San Diego Sheriff. He was to work as the Chief of Investigations under Bonnie Dumanis with the San Diego District Attorney's Office. Insiders say that Dumanis told Bejarano the offer was only on the table if he agreed not to run against Kolender.

Many political strategists do not feel that Bill Gore, former San Diego Director of the FBI, could win an election against Bejarano. Insiders insist that Kolender will step down after about six months of his reelection and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors are said to accept Kolender's recommendation of appointing Gore. This does appear to undermine the election process. To read U.T. articles, click Kolender and Bejarano.

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Anonymous said...

Neither Gore nor Bejarano are the answer to this department. It's time a Deputy Sheriff takes back the rains, someone who has worked in the jails and pushed a sled. Gore has done neither and Bejarano can't make up his mind what he wants.