Monday, May 22, 2006

Police Chief William Lansdowne Continues to Mislead and Fail San Diego

More and more leaks from within the San Diego Police Department indicate a chief who is more concerned with cover up then protecting the community. In addition to his infamous underreporting of crime, insiders recently have exposed some more of his corrupt practices.

Sgt. Martha Sainz attacked a fellow police officer last year. To read a Union Tribune article exposing the incident, click here. Another recent article from the Union Tribune stated that Sgt. Sainz would be terminated from employment. For details click here.

Now insiders from SDPD have broken the code of silence and revealed that Lansdowne ordered Sgt. Sainz to be reinstated, continue as a Sergeant, and receive back pay for her lost time. Insiders insist this is yet another glimpse at the corrupt and deceptive practices of William Lansdowne. Some insiders went so far as to accuse Lansdowne of ordering departmental staff not to appear to the civil service hearing which would automatically cause all charges against Sainz to be dismissed thus she would be eligible to be reinstated back to her position as a police sergeant. Others allege the department botched the investigation which forced the department to retract their position.

Officers are said to be outraged! They cannot believe the actions of Lansdowne and are furious. Initially, Sainz was only taken out of the field and assigned to another position pending investigation after the story was leaked to the San Diego Union Tribune. Additionally, the victim of the assault from Sainz is now on the list to become a detective which may have pressured her to rethink per position on seeking prosecution against Sainz. San Diego Police Officers are becoming so outraged at Lansdowne's failed leadership, that they are now hosting websites exposing his failures. Here is a list of these websites:

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Anonymous said...

Well anything negative about Lansdowne does not surprise me,,,,,,His famous statement when he was here at San Jose PD was that "The era and the end of pro-active police work is here",,,,,,,He also publicly told a cop killer thug (who was black) that we will "treat you with the kindness, dignity, love and respect that you deserve for killing one of our cops"..........Jesus San Diego deserves Lansdowne, we just thank god that he is gone from San Jose PD........