Saturday, December 30, 2006

Many New Laws Affecting Drivers Become Law In 2007

More than 1,400 new state laws will go in effect Jan. 1.

Many of those new laws will target people on the roadways.

People who drive on the wrong side of the road during a police pursuit will now be charged with an additional felony.

If you're driving past an emergency vehicle or police car that's pulled over with its lights flashing, you are now required to move over one lane to the left if it's safe.

"There have been many highway patrol officers hit in the street. Also, the many CalTrans employees and the many firefighters -- this is intended to protect those who protect," said Highway Patrol Officer Joe Zizi.

Tow companies are now required to get permission from property owners before they tow your car.

And a DUI will now show on your permanent record if the driver is under 21.

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