Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tweeter Home Entertainment Group Files for Bankruptcy

Tweeter Home Entertainment Group Inc. ("Tweeter"), the high-end electronics retailer, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Two bids have emerged for assets of Tweeter as part of the bankruptcy reorganization.

The value of a many businesses is greater if sold or reorganized as a going concern than the value of the sum of its parts if the business's assets were to be sold off individually. In theory, creditors of Tweeter should receive more money than in Chapter 7 liquidation.

We are currently consulting with former employers of Tweeter that are owed money for severance packages, back wages and benefits. These types of claims might be entitled to priority over other creditors for as much as $4,650. If you are a California resident and would like assistance in filing your claim with the bankruptcy court, we might be able to help you.

We provide competent, thoughtful representation that helps achieve client goals at a reasonable cost. Please call our office for a complimentary consultation at (619) 448-2129 or visit my website at for more information.

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